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Today’s Spotlight: The Gift of Giving: Supporting self-published authors without spending any money.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Happy December, everyone, and welcome to another O.T.C. blog. We all become a little more generous during this time of year and try to find unique ways to help others. So Rachel and I wanted to share a few free things you can do to help support self-published authors. One of the biggest hurdles authors have to overcome is getting our books in front of new readers. With your help, we can reach new fans worldwide.

How to Support Self Published Authors

  1. Ask your library to add the book to their collection

  2. Check their book out at your local library

  3. Review the book on Goodreads/Amazon

  4. Add the book to your Goodreads "To Read" list

  5. Follow the author on social media & share their posts

  6. Please take a picture/video of the book and share it on Instagram/TikTok/YouTube

  7. Suggest the book for your book club

  8. Recommend the author as a speaker or workshop leader

  9. Tell your friends about the book

  10. Include the book in a blog post about your favorite books

  11. Ask your local indie bookstore to stock the book

  12. Sign up for their newsletter

There you have it! Twelve simple things you can do to support self-published writers across the world. In this season of giving, please consider helping authors to reach their dreams.

If you would like to purchase a copy of our novels: Raven Naelo and the Artifact of the Stolen Souls and/or our new release- Raven Naelo and the Fall of the Guardians, please visit our website here:

On behalf of Rachel and myself, we thank you for joining our adventure. We are humbled by the love and support that we get from all our fans. Until next time, fare thee well, friends.

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