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Rachel Ann Fischer (center), an author from Harrisburg,  PA.


After serving time in the Army, she attended school for Auto-Cad and Interior Design. Her creativity began at an early age when she discovered the world of fantasy role-playing games. This sparked Rachel's imagination and passion for creating worlds and characters. She wrote two play scripts that a local drama department produced. The process made her fall in love with writing dialogue and confidence to write this novel. The story is based on a role-playing campaign that began many years ago in her cousin's, Kevin's, kitchen.



        Ann Marie Knorr-Fischer (right), an author from Harrisburg, PA.

Her love of the arts began at a very young age. The first memories of writing that she can recall are from elementary school, where she wrote short poems and stories. Ann's love for the written word progressed over the years as she wrote for school literary publications and a full-length movie script her senior year in college. Working with Rachel, she directed and produced two plays. Currently, she works as an Entertainment Consultant in Hershey, PA.

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