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Raven Naelo, a half-elf rogue, dreams of following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a realm guardian. Her dreams move closer to reality when she proves herself against half-orcs in a local tavern. Impressed by her skills yet wary, her father, the King of Omlett, agrees to send her to the Mortal Realm Guardian’s camp, where she’ll join four other trainees: Avalann, a short-tempered elf archer; Jarz, an attractive human sword mage; Izarra, a flirtatious water half-nymph discovering her inner strengths; and Shorte, a loveable dwarf cleric. Together, they will be cast into a world of advanced magic by Gideon and learn the importance of teamwork as they face off against bugbears, kobolds, and other dangerous foes.

But a confrontation with a corrupt wizard unleashes Raven’s unique abilities as she struggles to overcome the trauma. While focusing on herself, she takes a surprise visit to the forbidden Fey Realm with Gideon. Admiring the beauty of the perfect realm, Celeste, the Fey Guardian, interrupts them with unwelcome news. When Gideon fails to return from the High Council after being summoned there, Raven discovers a war has begun and leaves immediately for Omlett.

Little does she know that a succubus from the Abyss is collaborating with a human necromancer to destroy the cities of Western Euphrasia. Using an ancient artifact, they collected the souls of the dead. Will Raven find the others in time to fight as one to repel the attacks, or will the living and the dead never find peace?

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We are adventuring into the hero realm:
Vol 1 of 5 


Artwork by Hayley Stokes
Written by Rachel Fischer



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   Every two millennia, the universe judges itself during an ancient event called CENERGY.

There is always a balance in nature, so it creates two powerful entities from the source:

Light and Dark.

   If Light prevails, the universe uses dark energy to keep expanding. If Dark should be victorious, the universe collapses on itself until another Light wins, thus creating a new Big Bang!


  Meanwhile… Father Immerson and Detective Peters, after decades of training with the Apocalyptic Secret Society, awaits the arrival of the siblings. Their jobs are to decipher between the two and assist the Light in saving humanity.       

   Will they help and delay the Apocalypse for another two thousand years, or will everyone return to the source?

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