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"It's a critical hit!" 

- Rachel Fischer,


To this young-adult fantasy story

that rolled right off the gaming table and landed between the covers!

Book 1

of the Raven Naelo Trilogy

Available in paperback or hardcover!

Book 2

Coming this fall!



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"I am thrilled to publish our first book under the Tremendous Fiction imprint. Raven Naelo and the Artifact of the Stolen Souls begins by dropping you into the midst of a world of Guardians, Rogues, Orcs, and Elves. There's family, love, protection, evil, and the need to create one's own legacy. I loved watching each of the characters unfold through Rachel and Ann Marie's spell binding story-line. And the ending-let's say it definitely leaves you wanting more!" - Tracey C. Jones, President, Tremendous Leadership

"The Raven Naelo series is going to be one of my go-to favorites, and I cant wait to get my hands on the second book! The characters had me thinking about them as my own personal friends and enemies for days after I finished reading it. I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter of the series." - Leah Hess, Communications Manager, Tremendous Leadership

     Raven Naelo's father was viciously decapitated. But that didn't stop the young half-Elf from following in his footsteps. To strengthen her abilities as a rogue, she was granted permission, as well with others, to train with the Realm Guardian.

    While the new recruits are secluded at a training camp, an evil force from the Abyss has invaded the Mortal Realm. With

the assistance of a ruthless necromancer, wielding an ancient artifact, he now has the power to raise more than just the dead.

     Will the new Protectors set aside their differences to be ready in time? Or will the living and the dead never find peace...

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Welcome to our fantasy world!

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