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We are adventuring into the hero realm:
Vol 1 of 5 


Artwork by Hayley Stokes
Written by Rachel Fischer



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   Every two millennia, the universe judges itself during an ancient event called CENERGY.

There is always a balance in nature, so it creates two powerful entities from the source:

Light and Dark.

   If Light prevails, the universe uses dark energy to keep expanding. If Dark should be victorious, the universe collapses on itself until another Light wins, thus creating a new Big Bang!


  Meanwhile… Father Immerson and Detective Peters, after decades of training with the Apocalyptic Secret Society, awaits the arrival of the siblings. Their jobs are to decipher between the two and assist the Light in saving humanity.       

   Will they help and delay the Apocalypse for another two thousand years, or will everyone return to the source?

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Raven Naelo's father was viciously decapitated. But that didn't stop the young half-elf from following in his footsteps. To strengthen her abilities as a rogue, she was granted permission, as well as others, to train with the realm guardian.

     While the new recruits are secluded at a training camp, an evil force from the Abyss has invaded the Mortal Realm with the assistance of a ruthless necromancer, wielding an ancient artifact, he now has the power to raise more than just the dead. 

      Will the new Protectors set aside their differences to be ready in time? or Will the living and the dead never find peace... 



Raven Naelo's black dragon abilities aren't the only things she can't control in life. She learns this the hard way as her journey continues with Gideon in hiding from the High Council.

     Pressure builds as she and the Mortal Guardians take the reins of the protectors of the realm. But when the necromancer takes her sister's corpse and a fellow guardian, the recuse attempt doesn't go according to plan. 

     To defy your king is treason, but to defy your father is heart-wrenching. Raven acts against King Naelo's wishes and sets sail to the Abyss Realm with a new crew; pirates, bounty hunters, and ... Draakgoons?

     Will the princess remember the king's warning about balors? Or will history repeat itself and, like her father, will she lose her head!?

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